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How we perceive our world shapes the way respond to our world and everything and everyone in it. A person’s behavior is an outward expression of their neurological integrity.  Understanding a person’s neuro-expressive behavior will give you a window into the developmental status of their brain. 

M. Buerger

Program Curriculum

**Note: This includes access to L1 (Foundations of Neurodevelopment) for two years!!

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Setting the Stage: Painting the BIG Picture: Taking a “Red Flag” History and understanding the “Little-Big Things”

Module 1:  Derailed:  The Hijacking of our Children’s Neurodevelopment (Part 1)

*NOTE: After completion of both Part 1 & Part 2 (Module 9) of Derailed, 8 hours of CEs are available. A $75 CE fee does apply.

Chapter 1:  Introduction to the Developing Brain

Chapter 2:   Behavioral Neuroscience:  How mother’s stress resilience capacity affects neurodevelopment

Chapter 3:  Turning the Tide:  Early Intervention Strategies

Module 2:  Preconception Prep A to Z

Chapter 1:  Neuronutrition, Methylation and Interoception

Chapter 2:  Neuronutrition, Mitochondrial Function and Interoception

Chapter 3:  Metabolism, Endocrine Function and Interocpetion

Chapter 4:  MOM:  Microbiome of Mother and Developmental Neuroplasticity

Chapter 5:  Putting it into Play

Module 3:  Conceived

Chapter 1:  Prenatal considerations for optimal neurodevelopment

Chapter 2:  Postnatal considerations for optimal neurodevelopment

Module 4:  "Parental Presence: Promoting Healthy Development and Attachment Through Mindfulness and Self-Compassion"

Chapter 1: The “WHY” and “HOW” of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion for Parents

Chapter 2:  The Role of Parental Mindfulness and Self-Compassion in Facilitating Healthy Development and Attachment

Chapter 3:  Parent Workshop:  Mindfulness and Self-Compassion for Parents

Module 5:  Special Considerations

Chapter 1:  The truth about TOT’s:  Tethered Oral Restrictions

Chapter 2:  Neuronutritional considerations for picky eaters 

*Includes a parent/community workshop

Chapter 3:  Pre/Post immunization considerations

Chapter 4:  PANDAS/PANS/AE

Module 6:  MOB:  Microbiome of Baby

Chapter 1:  Blueprints of the Biome Brain

Chapter 2:  The Chiropractic-Gut-Immune-Sensory Axis

Chapter 3:  Biome Busters and Builders

Chapter 4:  Balancing the Biome

Mid-term Review & Clinical Cases (Modules 1-6)

Dr. Buerger will take you through short (15 min) review segments of Modules 1-6 and help tie pieces together for better understanding, certainty and application.

One clinical case per review module will be given to enhance critical thinking skills.

Module 7:  Mastering Vagal Tone and Heart Rate Variability (Formally Module 8)

Chapter 1:  Adapt or Die: HRV and its Unique Possibility for Chiropractic

Chapter 2:  Hitting the Gas:  Using HRV in Practice

Chapter 3:  HRV Research in Chiropractic & Developing an HRV Program for YOUR office

Chapter 4:  Heart Rate Variability & Neurodevelopment

Module 8:  Neuroscience for the Chiropractor Made Easy

(12 hours on-line CE’s available; $75 CE fee applies)

Chapter 1:   Neurobiology of the neuron

Chapter 2:   Neurobiology of Glial Cells

Chapter 3:   Nerve cell membranes and the membrane potential

Chapter 4:   The action potential

Chapter 5:   The Synapse and Synaptic transmission

Chapter 6:   Cortical Anatomy and Intro to Functional systems

Chapter 7:   The sensory nervous system, Interoception, Exteroception and the Inner body schema

Chapter 8:   Learning, memory and Neural Plasticity

Chapter 9:   Pain - The danger warning system

Chapter 10: The Prefrontal Cortex - the conductor of the brain

Chapter 11: The limbic system - the threat detector and seat of our emotions

Chapter 12: The Neurobiology of Stress and Trauma

Module 9:  Derailed:  The Hijacking of our Children’s Neurodevelopment (Part 2)

NOTE:  After completing this portion of Derailed (along with Part 1), you are eligible for 8 hrs on-line CE’s.  

Chapter 1:  The Developing Brain

(Chapter 1, Parts 2-5 continued from Module 1)

Module 9a: Neuroeducation, Back to Square One!

Note: 4 hours of CEs available in most states. A $75 CE fee applies.

Chapter 1: It’s all Connected!

Chapter 2: What’s Important for Learning?!

Chapter 3: How Emotions Effect Learning

Chpater 4: The Curriculum of the Cerebellum

Module 10:  Perception-Response Disorders ™:  Foundational Principles, Sensory-Motor Assessment, Development, Function and Chiropractic Connections

Chapter 1:  The Foundations of Perception-Response Mechanism and the Neurobiology of Dis-Ease

Chapter 2: The Vestibular System: Evaluation & Precision NeuroIntegration Protocols ™ across all age and stages

Chapter 3:  The Proprioceptive System: Evaluation & Precision NeuroIntegration Protocols ™ across all age and stages

Chapter 4:  The Visual System:  Evaluation & Precision NeuroIntegration Protocols ™ across all age and stages

Chapter 5:  The Auditory System: Evaluation & Precision NeuroIntegration Protocols ™ across all age and stages

Chapter 6:  The Tactile and Olfactory systems:  Evaluation & Precision NeuroIntegration Protocols ™ across all age and stages

Chapter 7:  The Neurovisceral System

Chapter 8:  Brain Circuit Training ™

Chapter 9:  Connecting with the Sensory Defensive Child

 Module 11:  Developmental Origins of Health and Disease:  The Neurodevelopmental Bases of Psychopathology

Chapter 1:  Developmental Windows of Opportunity

Chapter 2:  Frontal Lobe and Executive Functioning

Module 12:  The Developing Years

Chapter 1:  The First 1,000 Days

Chapter 2:  Years 3-5

Module 13:  Taming the Primitive Brain  

Chapter 1:  Primitive Reflexes in the Older Child

Chapter 2:  Postural Reflexes

Module 14: Technology and the Developing Brain

Chapter 1:  The effects of technology on the developing brain

Chapter 2:  The effects of EMF’s on the developing brain and special populations such as autism and ADHD

Module 15:  Trauma and the Developing Brain

Chapter 1:  Whiplash, Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Mid-term Review for Modules 10-15

Dr. Buerger will take you through short (15 min) review segments of Modules 10-15 and help tie pieces together for better understanding, certainty and application!

Bonus Modules: (These will be sprinkled throughout the program)

Bonus #1: Communicating NeuroFocused Care and Building a Waiting List Practice

Bonus #2: The impACT Report:  Giving a solid Report of Findings that leads to action!

Bonus #3: Implementation strategies for individual office paradigms

Bonus #4:  Waiting room and sensory room recommendations

Bonus #5:  Developing successful individualized exercise plans for home or in-office

Live Intensive & Functional Assessment (24 hours)

This class will be held approximately every two years.  Location and dates TBD.

Putting it all together! Fueling the Tank & Decompressing the System will be intertwined with the Functional Neurological Assessment and NeuroIntegration Exercises: