The Ties That Bind

“The Ties That Bind: The ABC’s of Tethered Oral Tissues”

It’s NOT just about breastfeeding or speech, it’s about maximizing human POTENTIAL!

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Chiropractors and other practitioners all across the world are seeing more babies/children with tethered oral tissues (TOTs). These fascial restrictions are wreaking havoc on spinal and cranial structures. If not addressed, these restrictions can lead to chronic subluxation patterns as well as neurological stress and abnormal sensory-motor development. This course will cover all aspects to consider when it comes to tethered oral tissues: potential reasons for increased number of cases, biochemical pathways, toxic stressors and nutritional deficits linked with TOTs, spinal and cranial biomechanical insults as the result of TOTs, and sensory-motor dysfunction and neurophysiological ramifications associated with TOTs. Assessment and identification of TOTs, spinal adjustments, cranial-sacral care and myofascial techniques to help manage these cases will all be covered.

Learning Objectives for this course

By the end of the seminar, participants will be better able to:

  • Take a Red Flag” History
  • “Prime the Pump” for optimum Pre-Conception Care
  • Understand basic methylation biochemistry and how it affects nervous system function
  • Understand the Chiropractic-Immune-Gut-Sensory Axis
  • Understand the connection between tethered oral tissue and digestion, sensory dysfunction, neurodevelopment and posture and WHY chiropractic care is so important
  • Understand the biomechanical effects on the spine and cranium as the result of tethered oral tissues
  • Understand the neurophysiological affects related to biomechanical spinal dysfunction that are related to the tethered oral tissues
  • Understand the potential sensory-motor disturbances due to altered nervous system function as the result of tethered oral tissues
  • Understand that potential underlying neuronutritional and biochemical pathways involved in resultant tethered oral tissues
  • Identify and assess tethered oral tissues
  • Implement chiropractic, cranial-sacral and myofascial management strategies


What People Are Saying:

Information that every practitioner should know! Dr. Monika is way ahead of the system!

Jessica Selby Tallman

It is incredibly difficult for me to put into words what Dr. Buerger has done for me. Her passion, enthusiasm, and excitement for the subject are contagious from the moment you walk into her seminars and classes. Her hands-on demonstrations and class participation not only kept my attention but also allowed me to truly learn the material and utilize it in my office. Thank you Dr. Buerger!

Dr. Tiffany Green, Seattle, WA

$289.00 USD

This program has been applied for 9 hours of CE credits through Life-West for many States in the US (See below for Approved States and all applied for States). $75 TOTAL for 9 hours, NOT per course hour.

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